About Kat

Kathleen Skinner, more commonly known as Kat Skinner, is an artist specialising in watercolor. 

In 2012 she was first diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. 

I am a blank canvas, simply recording my journey. ~ Kat Skinner

During recovery Kat discovered a passion for “arts and crafts”. Fuelled by a passion to learn and chase challenges, she persistently worked on expressing herself through art. 

Sometimes this was a joy and happiness… and sometimes this was my frustration, fear and sadness. ~ Kat Skinner

Kat’s Colour Palette

Kat uses a limited paint palette, inspired by the extensive work and colour study of artist Jane Blundell. Her preferred brand of paints is Daniel Smith. 

The primary colours she use are:

  • Ultramarine Blue

Kat also uses a few specialty colours for certain situations – for examples some paint pigments might provide special effects hat would otherwise be hard or tedious to achieve. Some of the speciality colours that Kat use are:

  • Moonglow

Kat’s Palette

Kat uses a two different paint palettes depending upon her needs. 

Her travel palette is a Frank Herring compact palette. 

Her studio palette is a couple of household ceramic plates sold by Muji. 

Kat’s Prefered Paper

Kat’s preferred brands of paper are Arches and Fabriano Artistico. 

Most of her paintings are painted on hot pressed paper, meaning the surface of the paper is smooth. Occasionally she will paint on cold-pressed paper, which is usually when she wants her finished painting to have an extra textured look. 

Kat prefers to work with heavier weight papers, using 300lbs or 140gsm, to avoid  buckling paper which is a common issue faced by watercolor artists.