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Sketch of Rose In Ink

Sketch of a Rose In Ink

Not all my artwork is in watercolours; often the process of creating a piece involves not only the sketch, but studies of reference materials. I used to be a big advocate for pen and ink drawings. It's a great medium to create art in as it can involve a very low set-up cost, and it can easily be done at any time or place....

Terry Harrison Trace and Paint Tutorial Result - a watercolor painting by Kat Skinner.

One Of My First Paintings

The other day I was going through my archive of paintings, and came across one of my very first watercolour paintings. Terry Harrison Trace and Paint Tutorial Result To make this finished painting I used a tutorial from the from the book Trace & Paint Watercolour (Ready to Paint) by the authors Terry Harrison, Geoff Kersey and Arnold Lowrey. This particular painting is done by following one of Terry Harrison's tutorials. The book Trace & Paint Watercolour (Ready to Paint) is a great book for absolute beginners who don't want to have to come up with their own compositions or sketches in order to produce...

Practicing Negative Watercolor Painting

Practicing Negative Painting

On top of learning how to control watercolours, there are also a variety of techniques to learn that will help you achieve depth and a solid painting. One of these techniques is negative painting. Practicing Negative Watercolor Painting In essential principles, negative painting is when you paint around a shape and not the actual shape of the object. In the sketch above you can see I painted around the lightest trees with the darker layers of paint. However in this painting I only did one layer of negative painting, painting the second and third layers of paint (red and dark...

Acorn and Leaves Painting Practice

Acorns and Leaves

There are a lot of tutorials online - usually for beginners - for painting leaves. If you remember from some of my other posts, I wanted to learn how to paint leaves more accurately. Thus I delved into painting two detailed leaves with some acorns sitting on top. At first I thought this painting was an utter failure - I kept fiddling with it and every time it seemed to get worse and worse. I decided to walk away. When I returned...

Cat Practice Painting Step Four

My Beautiful Kitty

What artist doesn't paint their pets? Something (or someone as some may see it) that is loved so much deserves their own portraits. After having watched a tutorial on painting fur in watercolour, I thought I would try my hand at it with a quick sketch. First layer of paint goes down of my Birman cat with Daniel Smith tube paint color Buff Titanium. Cat Practice Painting Step One After the initial layer was dry I painted fur strokes with Buff Titanium and Goethite mix. Cat Practice Painting Step Two I layered Raw Umber on the darker...