Art Stores In Kuwait

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One of the draw backs I have found about living in Kuwait is the lack of artistic culture; unlike my home country of Australia there just seems to be less of an obvious artistic scene of artists, exhibitions and of course the subsequent art shops.

So I am attempting to compose a list of art shops in Kuwait to help others like myself.

Arts and Crafts Kuwait

Then my husband discovered an art store in Kuwait. A store that I can actually call at art store. It’s called Arts and Crafts Kuwait. It’s a relatively decent sized store – not too large but neither too small. It doesn’t have the largest range of materials and products, but if they have what you want then they should be a good go-to store.

Also I love to point out that the pricing is actually quite good! So many stores in Kuwait often convert the $ sign to KD without changing the dollar number – making the cost around four times the price of the American or UK counterpart. This store actually had competitive pricing. Whilst for some products you may be able to import for slightly cheaper, they already had the product in stock.

They even have a website that delivers, albeit a bit in development at the time of writing, which is a rarer thing for Kuwaiti companies.


I haven’t been here, surprisingly. A couple years ago we did drive around the area and never saw it, but this was before we got our GPS and would very commonly get lost. Maybe it’s time to return.



Hopefully this list will grow over time as I find more stores suitable for professional artists. Are there any art stores in Kuwait that you use to buy professional grade supplies?

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