Acorns and Leaves

There are a lot of tutorials online – usually for beginners – for painting leaves. If you remember from some of my other posts, I wanted to learn how to paint leaves more accurately. Thus I delved into painting two detailed leaves with some acorns sitting on top.

At first I thought this painting was…

River Sketch

This was a very quick sketch (I was focusing on speed sketching) done in only 15 minutes.

My Beautiful Kitty

What artist doesn’t paint their pets? Something (or someone as some may see it) that is loved so much deserves their own portraits. After having watched a tutorial on painting fur in watercolour, I thought I would try my hand at it with a quick sketch.

First layer of paint goes down of my Birman…

Bird On A Fence

Most new watercolour paintings begin with a pencil sketch. I heightened the contrast on this photograph to make the lines seem more noticeable.

I also applied masking fluid/frisket to the foreground and bird since I wanted to start by painting the background first.

I applied a thick layer of paint for the background using Quinacridone…

The Lonely Barn

Another practice painting in watercolour. Each time I paint I learn something new and find ways to improve.

In this painting I focused on under glazing – essentially how a layer of paint underneath the rest can add warmth and cool tones to the painting.

I began painting from the background forward, making each next…

French Rose

Travelling to France on holiday. I had hoped to have time to sit down in parks and sketch/paint, but surprise surprise we walked non-stop. At the very end of the trip, when I collapsed in absolute exhaustion, I had a brief chance to do a few little sketches. One of them was this Rose that…

Working On The River Cottage

This painting is an older one, before I learnt about negative painting techniques (I think this painting would greatly benefit from using negative rather than positive painting).

Again I used my preferred brand of watercolour tube paints – Daniel Smith. The colors used are Pyrrol Blue (green shade), Burnt Sienna, Pyrrol Green (Blue Shade), and…

Working on The Tranquil Cottage Painting

For the tranquil cottage painting I used high-quality artist quality paint from the brand Daniel Smith to create a semi-realistic appearance. Daniel Smith paints have a wonderful consistency to them, making painting an absolute pleasure; they are super creamy and can achieve both bright and dark colors and tones.

The colors used in this painting…