Acorn and Leaves Painting Practice

Acorns and Leaves

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There are a lot of tutorials online – usually for beginners – for painting leaves. If you remember from some of my other posts, I wanted to learn how to paint leaves more accurately. Thus I delved into painting two detailed leaves with some acorns sitting on top.

At first I thought this painting was an utter failure – I kept fiddling with it and every time it seemed to get worse and worse. I decided to walk away.

When I returned… I was shocked! It looked better than I thought… I took a few steps closer… and yuck…. but stepping back, it looked great again.

This painting, whilst not an absolute masterpiece, became a favourite of mine as it reminds me that not everyone will be viewing my artwork as closely as I am (whilst I paint it). In fact, for most hanging artworks you view them anywhere from one to several meters away.

Acorn and Leaves Painting Practice

Acorn and Leaves Painting Practice

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