The Cottage - a watercolour painting by Kat Skinner.

Working on The Tranquil Cottage Painting

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For the tranquil cottage painting I used high-quality artist quality paint from the brand Daniel Smith to create a semi-realistic appearance. Daniel Smith paints have a wonderful consistency to them, making painting an absolute pleasure; they are super creamy and can achieve both bright and dark colors and tones.

The colors used in this painting were Indian Red, Burnt Sienna, Pyrrol Blue (Green Shade) and Cerulean Blue.

Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Gold, Pyrrol Green (Blue Shade).

I started off with a pen and ink line drawing:

#Sketch in pen for my latest #watercolour #watercolor featuring a country cottage type building.

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I then began to add the clouds in the background. I wanted these fairly ominous and dark to highlight the building in front of it.

The colors I used to paint the sky were Indian Red, Burnt Sienna, Pyrrole Blue (Green Shade) and Cerulean Blue.

Whilst the sky was drying, I began to paint the foreground with Buff Titanium, Quinacridone Gold, Raw Umber, Indian Red, Goethite and Pyrrole Blue (Green Shade).

After allowing the entire painting to dry overnight, I returned to paint the mid ground area (the background trees and the building). The colors I used were Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Rose, Pyrrol Green (Blue Shade) and Pyrrol Blue (Green Shade).

I then continued painting towards the foreground foliage. These I warmed up (colors wise) with Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Gold, Indian Red, Pyrrol Green and Pyrrol Blue.


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