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The Lemons, An Oil Painting

Making of The Lemons


I realized that there are several artwork pieces that I just haven’t included making of posts for; in fact there is quite a back log. The Lemons oil painting is one of those artworks that I never got around to writing about how I painted it. Not everyone likes to see how a painting…

Autumn Leaves Watercolor Painting by Kat Skinner

Making The Autumn Leaves Watercolor Painting

Have you ever wanted how the artist you admire painted or drew that particular artwork? More and more artists are filming themselves working – something I am looking into myself. Until then, I can offer you the steps that I have taken to create some of my more popular artwork. This post shows the process…

Digital Art Isometric Grass Tile

Breaking Out of Ruts, or Breaking Out New Art Tools

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, stressed and unable to go on? Sometimes we work and pressure ourselves so much that we did our own ruts and trap ourselves. This was me recently; I got so wrapped up in what defines a successful artist and how I wasn’t “there” yet that I drove myself to the…