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Notan Study of Waterfall With Castle Built On The Rock by Jacob van Ruisdael

2 Value Notans Practice From The Old Masters

I am up to (week) 6 in the Virtual Art Academy and we have just begun to learn about notans. Notans can really use as many values as you want, although most artists will limit their sketches down to just two to four values. Of course it makes sense to start as simple as possible… with…

Summer Pasture by Kathleen Dunphy

Evaluating Tonal Values In Artworks

I am again exploring how values have been used in various artworks. Unlike the posts Comparing Values In Artworks – The Classics or Comparing Values in Artworks – The Contemporary, I am looking how effectively they have used the values. A strong sense of tonal values is important in an artwork to help convey a…

Landscape Painting Book by Mitchell Albala

Book Review: Landscape Painting by Mitchell Albala Review

There are SO many books about (oil) painting on the market that it’s really hard to choose which one to buy. This is an in-depth review for the book Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice by Mitchell Albala. I’ve done a chapter-by-chapter review, explaining what that specific chapter covers and whether…