The Begonia Flowers - a watercolor painting by Kat Skinner.
The Begonia Flowers - a watercolor painting by Kat Skinner.

The Begonia Flowers – a watercolor painting by Kat Skinner.

One of the most time-consuming paintings I have worked on – countless hours went into its beautiful construction.

This painting consists of three colors – Ultramarine Blue, Hansa Yellow Medium and Quinacridone Rose.

I layered the colors over and over to create the impression of warm highlights and cool shadows, all the while resting underneath the beautiful pink glow of the petals. In the end, there was about five layers of paint (rose, followed by blue, rose, yellow and finally the last coat rose). The darkest areas of the painting may have up to eight semi-transparent layers, strengthening colors and creating depth.



A watercolour fine art print set created from an original watercolour painting by the artist Kat Skinner.

This is a unique art print available in a variety of sizes: XXXXXXXXXX. Please select the size that you would like to purchase. Do you need a custom size? Contact me and I can provide a quote.

The watermark will not appear on any of your prints.

This painting is printed onto archival grade PAPER/CANVAS, meaning it will not fade or change colour over the years. High quality inks have been used to achieve vibrant and accurate colors.

Smaller prints will be shipped flat. Larger prints will be shipped carefully rolled in a sturdy shipping tube, which provides the best protection for their bulky size.


hey are all printed with archival UltraChrome pigment inks on Velvet Fine Art Paper that is heavyweight, cotton fiber and acid free. The prints’ high quality inks and velvet fine art paper look and feel like original watercolor paintings, with beautiful long lasting colors!

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