The Strawberry Watercolor Painting

So many of us take fresh fruit and vegetables for granted, often discarding less than perfect or overripe pieces. Sadly, not everyone is this blessed. Many go hungry each mealtime and desire these less-than-adequate pieces of fruit. In fact, there are people who have never even seen a strawberry!


In this painting I explore how we perceive food, aiming to have the viewer feel the hunger and desires that others feel. I spent a long time painting this strawberry to look realistic, with mouth-watering colours and shaping.

10% of all profits from this art print will be going to charity, helping those less fortunate have access to simple luxuries such as healthy and safe-to-consume food.


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Raspberry, Blackberry And Strawberry Watercolor Painting

Raspberry, Blackberry And Strawberry Watercolor Painting

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