Sketch of Rose In Ink

Sketch of a Rose In Ink

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Not all my artwork is in watercolours; often the process of creating a piece involves not only the sketch, but studies of reference materials.

I used to be a big advocate for pen and ink drawings. It’s a great medium to create art in as it can involve a very low set-up cost, and it can easily be done at any time or place.

Having said that, its been quite a while since I had done anything with ink. Obviously time to break out the old pencil case!

Sketch of Rose In Ink

Sketch of Rose In Ink

I realised that it has been a while since I have drawn in ink – I have forgotten the ideal way of drawing cross hatching. The overall drawing was a bit “sketchy” – I didn’t focus on creating perfect lines or trying to be particularly neat.

Just from this little sketch that only took an hour or so to do, I came to a few conclusions:

  • I do miss pen and ink drawings – I will endeavour to do more.
  • I prefer the slower and neater artworks rather than my quicker reference studies.
  • My quick reference studies are good at breaking out of my “perfection” rut – I don’t need every piece to look perfect.
  • My quick reference studies are great for getting familiar with a subject – understanding shape, form, colors, and more.

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