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Final Queen Victoria Succulent

Queen Victoria Agave Succulent

Another succulent. What can I say? They seem to capture my attention. When I first selected these images, I knew that they were going to be a bit more complex than my first succulent painting, but I clearly didn't anticipate just how much more complex....

Unprepped vs Prepped Ceramic Plate for Watercolor

Preparing Your Ceramic Plate For Watercolor Paint

A lot of artists suggest using ceramic plates (or specially designed palettes) as your watercolor pallet. This is a great idea since ceramic: Doesn't stain, which is common with the cheap but popular plastic palettes. Doesn't bead; it spreads evenly across the surface so you know exactly what your paint color looks like. What many artists forget to mention is that store bought ceramic plates may bead when you first buy them! In the picture below you can see how paint reacts on a brand new plate (I purchased mine from Muji) and on a plate ready for watercolor paint. I've used two paint...