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The Making of Superb Wren and Camellias

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Most of the time you will only ever see the finished painting by an artist. The painting-process itself can take days or months to complete. But there is so much that goes behind the paintings that doesn’t actually involve picking up a paint brush. This post shows you the thought process and steps that I took to complete my Superb Wren and Camellias painting.

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Sketch of a Rose In Ink

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Not all my artwork is in watercolours; often the process of creating a piece involves not only the sketch, but studies of reference materials.
I used to be a big advocate for pen and ink drawings. It’s a great medium to create art in as it can involve a very low set-up cost, and it can easily be done at any time or place.

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Working On The Doorway

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The first step in painting The Doorway was to paint the background. If you remember from some of my previous paintings I fell in love with textures, specifically textures made with salt. I wanted the windows to vary in color as if they were stained glass or older style glass. …