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Intricate Details on the Aloe Polypylla Succulent

Making of Aloe Polyphylla Succulent

The third painting in my succulent series is of a Aloe Polyphylla. Similar to my first Succulent painting, this reference photo spoke to me; I adored the warm shadows and the geometric patterns. I would also like to give credit to where credit is due. I found this awesome photo uploaded by Stephen Boisvert on Flickr. The photo is shared with a commercial copyright, though Stephen has requested attribution – I hope you like the painting I made from your photo! Thanks for sharing it. The Tracing Like most of my artworks, the first step is to make a solid drawing to paint from. I start...

Unprepped vs Prepped Ceramic Plate for Watercolor

Preparing Your Ceramic Plate For Watercolor Paint

A lot of artists suggest using ceramic plates (or specially designed palettes) as your watercolor pallet. This is a great idea since ceramic: Doesn't stain, which is common with the cheap but popular plastic palettes. Doesn't bead; it spreads evenly across the surface so you know exactly what your paint color looks like. What many artists forget to mention is that store bought ceramic plates may bead when you first buy them! In the picture below you can see how paint reacts on a brand new plate (I purchased mine from Muji) and on a plate ready for watercolor paint. I've used two paint...

Practicing Negative Watercolor Painting

Practicing Negative Painting

On top of learning how to control watercolours, there are also a variety of techniques to learn that will help you achieve depth and a solid painting. One of these techniques is negative painting. Practicing Negative Watercolor Painting In essential principles, negative painting is when you paint around a shape and not the actual shape of the object. In the sketch above you can see I painted around the lightest trees with the darker layers of paint. However in this painting I only did one layer of negative painting, painting the second and third layers of paint (red and dark...

Working On The Doorway Step Three

Working On The Doorway

The first step in painting The Doorway was to paint the background. If you remember from some of my previous paintings I fell in love with textures, specifically textures made with salt. I wanted the windows to vary in color as if they were stained glass or older style glass. I varied mixtures of Daniel Smith Moonglow, Pyrrol Scarlett and Pyrrol Blue. Working On The Doorway Step One The next step was fleshing in some of the greenery that was growing around the door. I varied this area of paint as well to keep it interesting. ...

River Cottage Step Four

Working On The Waterfall

This painting is an older one, before I learnt about negative painting techniques (I think this painting would greatly benefit from using negative rather than positive painting). Again I used my preferred brand of watercolour tube paints - Daniel Smith. The colors used are Pyrrol Blue (green shade), Burnt Sienna, Pyrrol Green (Blue Shade), and Quinacridone Gold. The first task was painting the first layer of water and the background. I painted a light wash of Pyrrol Blue for the body of water, and combined Burnt Sienna to change the shade to a more brownish-grey color. River Cottage Step One The...