The Robin - Painting by Kat Skinner

The Robin

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I’ve been in a bit of a rut, having no real inspiration for painting. Normally I would look at a reference image and feel inspired to recreate its beauty, but lately…. So my husband picked a photo from my reference stash for me to paint in the hopes I got out of this rut. His pick, a lovely Robin sitting on a tree stump.

A close up of my next watercolor painting: a Robbin sitting on a tree stump. 

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The above image is showing the finished robin. I was frustrated with painting the robin as I was really struggling to get its orange breast as vibrant as I wanted, though you wouldn’t notice in the finished painting!

I was both happy and unhappy with the overall painting. Since I was so uninspired, I think I could constantly see the flaws and not the image.

Overall I am glad I persisted, as I do have a bit more of a want to paint again. The robin actually turned out quite well, despite my focus on the flaws.

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