Succulent - Painting by Kat Skinner

The Succulent

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If you aren’t already, it’s a good time to follow me on Instagram: I usually post photos of my paintings as I work on them, long before I get around to writing a blog post or publishing the finial paintings on my website.

Lately I have practiced painting greens; all the variations of hues, tones and saturation. Of course the perfect way to improve upon any skill is to obviously to compete a project. Presenting The Succulent:

My paintings can take a while depending upon size and level of detail. I honestly don’t know how some artists can paint so fast! It’s really a skill to be admired.

The first step for most of my paintings is to add the very lightest of colors. This can be helpful to establish the lightest tones in my paintings – such as highlights – and it is also helpful to reference where colors will be placed without fully establishing such locations permanently.

The next step was to start adding and building the colors. I do this slowly in multiple layers of very thin (almost transparent) paint.

This step is probably the most time-consuming, but it gives you wonderful results. If you take the time, even an absolute beginner to achieve wonderful results as it is very forgiving.

The final stage is to put any finishing details onto the painting, and to neaten up any edges if necessary. I added the pinks last as mixing greens and reds can produce greys if not careful. I essentially made sure I had my greens exactly where I wanted them, and then added the pinks in their ideal locations.

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