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ArtistCommunity April Challenge

Red Panda Painting by Kat Skinner

This month’s art challenge was to paint a red panda to help raise awareness for the plight of the cute animal. Sometimes, as individuals, we find a cause to work towards that drives us above and beyond. This is especially true for many artists, as we have to so often connect with our emotional sides to be creative. If you haven’t found your own cause, there are plenty that need an extra voice; such as the conservation efforts of red pandas.

It’s estimated that there is only 2500-10,000 red pandas left in the wild. Its theorized that only a few more generations of red pandas will survive in the wild, with each generation living 10 years. We are fighting against time.

There are thankfully many conservation efforts in place and by raising awareness, however we can, we can further help the effort to save them.

Challenge Submissions

Red Panda Painting by Kat Skinner
Red Panda Painting by Kat Skinner

My own submission for this challenge. Prints of the Red Panda are available from the store.

Sai Manish (MasterOfSarcasm)

Sai’s work, created in oils, has a gorgeous texture since it was painted in impasto style.

You can see more of Sai’s work on Instagram.

David Cavallin

David painted an amazing red panda in global open acrylics. His time-lapse video is excellent for learning some facts about red pandas, such as what threatens their survival and even eating habits.

You can also see more of David’s work on Instagram.

Cassandra Hall

I adore watercolor art. It was one of the very first mediums that I personally tried, and I instantly fell in love with the transparent washes that allowed you to create gorgeous effects and glowing colors. In fact, many pieces on sale in my store are watercolor.

So when Cassandra posted this red panda artwork in watercolor, I had no choice but to love it. I am a little evious as she is able to produce the much looser strokes than what I do; as so much of my work is tight, it’s become a habit.

You can see more of Cassandra’s work at her website or her instagram.

Abi Grey

Abi created her artwork digitally, producing a lovely soft and hazy appearance. This style worked great with the subject matter of the sleeping red panda; I can really visualize a warm and sunny afternoon ripe for a nap.

You can see more of Abi’s work on her Instagram.

Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer paints some gorgeous Disney themed artworks, so it’s no surprise that her red panda painting is just as cute.

Cristina Durán from Cris Crafts

Cris has painted a gorgeous realistic red panda with watercolor pencils. I’m awe struck about the details in this artwork as Cris worked one such a small piece of paper.

You can see more of Cris’ work on Instagram and website.

Arianna from ShockM3

Arianna’s red panda has gorgeous little details, especially in the red panda’s fur. She was able to capture such details with by working digitally in Photoshop, building layer upon layer.

You can see more of Arianna’s work on Instagram.

Hope From The Hope Project

Hope’s submission was mixed media; she used paint, pencils and pen to create this gorgeous guy looking out at the viewer from behind the shrubbery.

You can see more of Hope’s artwork on Instagram.

Rob Fuller

Join Next Month’s Challenge

We had some absolutely amazing artwork made this month for the ArtistChallenge; we truly have some talented artists. If you are interested in joining us for our next art challenge, head over to our ArtistCommunity subreddit to see the theme (May 2018’s theme is the ocean), collaborate with others and submit your own artwork.

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