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New Master Academy Course Order/ Learning Path

I’ve decided to brush up on some skills, and so have joined the New Master Academy website. Unfortunately since its self-paced they haven’t really defined an ideal course structure.

Choppa790 on Reddit came up with this guide mostly, so a lot of credit goes to him. I’ve made a few edits to update an old post (it was 4 years old by 2020).

This isn’t a comprehensive list either. There are many courses on the site, such as sketchbook training and tips, that I left out. I tried to focus more on the “foundational” concepts such as constructing scenes and less on rendering said scenes. Also note that some courses borrow lessons from multiple instructors, so you may find repeated lessons.

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How long do you spend actively painting on each artwork?

Clock Photo by Bru-nO on Pixabay

Art instructors encourage you to paint as many pieces of artwork as possible, claiming it will greatly improve your skills. This is true, to a degree. It depends on whether you are actively practicing new skills or just repeating the same mistakes. This post explains how I drastically improved my art by not following the trend of “paint as much as possible”.

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Common Costs of Building A Website

Computer Photo by freephotocc on Pixabay

A website isn’t free, but they aren’t outrageous expensive either. Depending upon the amount of products you sell, or if you just want a website to showcase your work, it may even be cheaper to host your own website than using an online online marketplace. Thankfully there are both free and paid services that let you set up a running website fast and cheaply.

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Why Artists Need To Have A Website

Image Provided by RawPixel on Pixabay

A website can be a great idea for any artist looking to improve their professional image, provide additional income streams and to showcase their artwork in general. In this article I will cover the pros and cons of owning a website.

Did you know, this post is the first of several – all of which explore artists and their need for websites!

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Have you heard of the #ArtistsCommunity

Have you heard about the ArtistsCommunity? It’s a growing group of artists on YouTube who are working towards a better and more supportive platform… It’s so easy for good channels with Amazing (with a capital A) content to be overwhelmed or hidden by channels that produce mediocre content. So often these channels stop producing their videos… because what’s the point when you put so much effort into something with so little ROI. Sometimes its just nice to receive a friendly comment, an upvote or like, and a subscriber. Sometimes that little action of clicking like or typing a comment can take only a minute or two from our day, but can change someone’s life for a day or even a week.

This is the purpose of the Artists Community. It’s about supporting each other to grow as channels and as individuals.

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Brushes For Oil Painting

Brushes for Oil Painting For A Post Thumbnail

When it comes to art, so much depends advice is dependant upon the artist’s personal opinions and taste. Certain art styles, such as impressionism vs realism, will need different tools and colors. The same is the case for brushes… I have attempted to collect a list of what is most commonly recommended for beginner artists.

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Starter Oil Colors/Palette

Oil Painting Palette and Tube For A Thumbnail

Starting a new artistic medium is a big challenge; there is so much to learn and it can be so overwhelming. When it comes to oil painting there are a number of factors to consider, for example; brands of oil paint, types of solvents and their potentially harmful effects, color choice, brush types and sizes, mediums, palettes, canvases, palette knives and so much more…

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How To Prepare A Ceramic Plate For Watercolor Paint

Before And After Preparing Plate For Watercolor Paint

There are often two extremes when it comes to buying palettes for watercolor painting; spend a fortune or repurpose an old and unused plate. I have done both, and prefer the plate option. This is a tutorial about how to prepare a ceramic or porcelain plate so that you can easily mix colors without any beading up of paint.

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How to Make An Easy Grid to Transfer Drawings

Complete Advanced Grid

A friend asked me how I make accurate drawings – it’s a skill that many people struggle with. It’s a vital step, and if your sketch isn’t accurate then your finished painting may look awkward. Drawing freehand can be quite difficult to get accurate results. So I thought I would share with you my quick technique to sketch your drawing onto watercolour paper. That’s right – no tracing here!

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