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How I Painted The Lemons

Last Step of The Lemons

I realized that there are several artwork pieces that I just haven’t included making of posts for; in fact there is quite a back log. The Lemons oil painting is one of those artworks that I never got around to writing about how I painted it. Not everyone likes to see how a painting is made, but I love writing these posts as a sort of self-reflection. I remember when I first started learning, I would often browse the blogs of artists I admire to learn how they painted.
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Brushes For Oil Painting

Brushes for Oil Painting For A Post Thumbnail

When it comes to art, so much depends advice is dependant upon the artist’s personal opinions and taste. Certain art styles, such as impressionism vs realism, will need different tools and colors. The same is the case for brushes… I have attempted to collect a list of what is most commonly recommended for beginner artists.

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Starter Oil Colors/Palette

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Starting a new artistic medium is a big challenge; there is so much to learn and it can be so overwhelming. When it comes to oil painting there are a number of factors to consider, for example; brands of oil paint, types of solvents and their potentially harmful effects, color choice, brush types and sizes, mediums, palettes, canvases, palette knives and so much more…

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