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Have you heard of the #ArtistsCommunity

Have you heard about the ArtistsCommunity? It’s a growing group of artists on YouTube who are working towards a better and more supportive platform… It’s so easy for good channels with Amazing (with a capital A) content to be overwhelmed or hidden by channels that produce mediocre content. So often these channels stop producing their videos… because what’s the point when you put so much effort into something with so little ROI. Sometimes its just nice to receive a friendly comment, an upvote or like, and a subscriber. Sometimes that little action of clicking like or typing a comment can take only a minute or two from our day, but can change someone’s life for a day or even a week.

This is the purpose of the Artists Community. It’s about supporting each other to grow as channels and as individuals.

Interested in joining?

If you post on YouTube and wish to join in with this growing altruistic movement, use the hash tag #artistscommunity. It’s a great way to be found, and for you to give back some of the love.

You can also check out Larry William’s YouTube channel; he proposed the idea and has done great work bringing so many artists on board.

We have an ArtistsCommunity subreddit that artists can interact on. This is a great place for people to go to share art tips, introduce themselves to the community, and find others to collaborate with.

Even if you aren’t producing on Youtube, you are still welcome to join and learn. The more, the merrier.

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