Autumn Leaves, Series 2


Do you feel cold in autumn and winter? You can really feel the warmth and glow from this watercolor painting. Each layer has been meticulously built to create rich and vibrant darks.

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Made To Order

Every art print is custom made when an order is placed. Please give us 3-5 business days to process the order, manufacture at our print shop and safely send it to you.

Included Border

All art prints come with a 1″ (2.5cm) white border around the artwork; the print size you order will come in a slightly larger paper size. If you want to frame your print, then you’ll probably need extra paper to fix behind the frame to hold the artwork in place.

About Giclée

Home, and some commercial, printers use only four ink colors. Giclée printers can use eight or more ink colors to create extra smooth gradations, brighter and ore accurate colors, and sharper details thanks to higher resolutions. The ink used is fade-resistant and archival. Under ideal conditions the ink can last over 100 years!

I print on professional-quality paper made by Hahnemüle in Germany. They’ve been producing paper for over 400 years! This paper has a smooth finish, making it ideal for professional art prints.

Bonus Charity Donation

For every order that’s made, I donate 10% of profit to charities to help protect who and what we love. You can read more about it under the Frequently Asked Questions.


    When winter comes we often think of cold and bleary days, rugged up safe and warm in a cozy blanket. We care for our bodies, but often forget to care for our minds. A lot of people experience and suffer from the “winter blues”. It’s a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in which many people with exhibit depressive symptoms, typically experiencing these feelings in winter. Depression and anxiety is more widespread than most people realize; 1-in-5 people will experience mental illness a year, and 1-in-25 people will suffer extreme cases. To help combat the very real and sometimes debilitating effects of mental illness, 10% of profit from sales will be donated to various charities.


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