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Time-lapse Of Ring Tail Lemur Pastel Painting

Ring Tail Lemur Pastel Painting by Kat Skinner

I’m so excited; I just launched my YouTube channel!

The very first video is a time-lapse of the Ring Tail Lemur pastel painting. I hope to upload a lot more videos to YouTube, as I make them. I’m interested in making art lesson videos for both beginners and more advanced artists. I will also upload time-lapse videos of my personal artwork.

The materials I used in this artwork were:

I discovered when editing this video that my computer isn’t quite up to the task: it was super laggy and would take ages just to render previews. Exporting the video for YouTube took nearly 2 hours – for a 14 minute video! I have ordered a new hard drive and some more RAM (thanks husband!), so that should mean that future videos will be a lot easier to edit. I also want to learn a bit more of Adobe Premiere Pro, for example to make pop-ups to include details of what color pastel I am using.

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